You can track me in near real-time using the APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) and Amateur Radio.

W8JKC-1 (Digipeater) – FoxDelta “FoxDigi” kit which I assembled. It is currently set to approximately 25watts and has an elevation of about 1040 feet AMSL. Note: Currently Off-Air.

W8JKC-5 (Samsung Galaxy S series phone) – Uses APRSdroid over 4G/5G/WiFi to send packets directly to APRS-IS. I am also experimenting with bridging from external networks (Home Assistant, Traccar) into APRS-IS. Check the TOCALL of a specific packet to see which it was delivered. (APDR14 = APRSdroid, APZZZZ = Experimental Bridge.)

W8JKC-7 (Portable/HT) – One of my many different portable radios. Yaesu VX-8R, TYT MD-UV390, etc.

W8JKC-9 (Mobile/Vehicle) – A Byonics TinyTrack3+ tied into a Motorola commercial radio.

W8JKC-10 (Laptop) – Lenovo Thinkpad which uses a Delorme USB GPS module and software sending packets through APRS-IS.